OceanHero’s Goal is to Save the Oceans and Not to Collect and Sell Data

Our mission is to save the oceans by making it easy for people to join the fight against ocean pollution. Advertisements do finance our mission; however, we are not in the business of collecting massive amounts of user data like the big tech companies. In short, we are a purpose-driven organization that uses modern advertising technology responsibly in order to achieve our mission to save the oceans.


We Earn Revenue by Showing Advertisements and Not by Selling Your Personal Information

We use advertisements to fund our mission. We do so by displaying non-intrusive advertisements on the OceanHero homepage, search page, and games. Not by selling your personal information. This means, we do not have any relationship with any kind of company in the business of collecting and selling detailed or aggregated versions of user data such as Similarweb.

We Avoid Collecting Data as much as Possible

a. We do not like companies that create complex profiles of us and then show ads that follow us around the internet. Therefore, as OceanHero we are limiting the amount of data as much as possible. That’s why you don’t need an account to use most of our functionality. And even when you decide to create an account with us, we merely ask for your email address and a username to allow you to log in. Your privacy is important to us.

b. Nonetheless, please note that we are partnering with Microsoft to power our search engine. That means that Microsoft processes your search requests to provide search results. Microsoft is also our partner for providing search advertisements which we use to generate revenue enabling us to achieve our mission.


We Don’t Connect Your Searches with Your Account

When you search with OceanHero, we do not tie your searches to your account. In fact, we only store searches for a day, and we anonymize them as well. So even if we wanted to look up what a specific person searched for, we would not be able to do that.

After a day, we delete all searches automatically. We only need to store them for a day to calculate the bottles that we can recover, and remove any empty searches or searches that do not contribute to our mission (like gibberish “adkfalkd”).

Please note that while we don’t store your searches our search partners, Microsoft and admarketplace might. They do that to improve their search results and provide you with more relevant search ads. However, they do not receive your email address or name, or any other sensitive information from us.

How Does OceanHero Compare to Google and Other Services?

First of all, the amount of data you share with us is a fraction of the data you share every day with many other services such as Google, Facebook, or comparable companies. Google operates and owns its famous search engine and the largest advertising network (called doubleclick), YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and even the Chrome browser.

Additionally, Google uses this data to create a specific profile about you to personalize advertisements. In comparison, the data you share with OceanHero is quite limited. We are merely a search engine and a start page. We don’t tie your searches or any other non functional data to your profile at OceanHero. In fact, we don’t even require you to create an account at OceanHero to use our digital properties.


Which Data Do We Actually Collect, and How Do We Use It?

a. Like any website or mobile app with social functionality, we collect information that you voluntarily provide to us when you choose to create an account and participate in activities on our services (such as sending messages), or otherwise when you contact us. But we do not use this information to target advertisements and we do not sell this personal information.

b. We automatically collect certain information when you visit, use or navigate our services to provide and improve our functionality. Without collecting such basic data, your bottle score would reset itself every time you open OceanHero. The  information we collect does not reveal your specific identity (like your name or contact information) but may include device and usage information, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, device name, country, approximate location (not your exact address, of course), information about how and when you use our Services and other technical information. This information is primarily needed to maintain the security and operation of our services and for our internal analytics and reporting purposes.

c. For your convenience, we have created an extensive and transparent privacy policy to outline our privacy approach. You can find our privacy policy here: https://about.oceanhero.today/privacy-policy

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